Grundfos expands Energy Check network

October 02, 2017

Grundfos expands Energy Check network

Grundfos expands Energy Check network

Grundfos’ ground-breaking Energy Check initiative has taken another leap forward with news that the company has now completed a dedicated Energy Check training programme with Dubai-based trading Partner and specialist pump engineering company, MAHY Khoory.

Whilst Khoory has been working closely with Grundfos for many years, the training session has provided the basis for a much closer working relationship, enabling the company’s engineers to carry out Energy Check investigations for customers in close co-operation with specialists from Grundfos’ Energy Check department.

More and more companies across the wider Middle East are now requesting a Grundfos Energy Check, a free-service that provides an overview of pump system efficiency and advises on related energy-saving opportunities, as part of their overall drive to cut costs and meet the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy’s 30% target for energy reduction, ahead of the 2030 deadline.
Pumps are an obvious target, as they account for a massive 10% of the world’s total electricity. An estimated 95% are currently running inefficiently and experience has shown that savings of up to 60% in total electricity usage – well ahead of the DSCE target, can be achieved simply by replacing inefficient pumps with modern highly efficient automated systems.

The training session, which included 14 of Khoory’s top engineers, was designed to highlight the top offenders, including incorrectly sized pumps, old pumps and systems more than 7 years old, incorrect or inefficient operating modes or control functions and systems that have been altered without consideration for pumping requirements.

The engineers were then given full training in the Energy Check procedure, which they will carry out in conjunction with Grundfos, expanding the number of customer checks that can be carried out and providing Khoory with new supply and service opportunities.

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