Pressure boosting


Advanced boosters

Our most advanced booster set features application-optimised software. Here, you find functions such as the proportional pressure function used for friction loss compensation in large pipe grids. You also get the soft pressure build-up function, which is ideal for installations with unstable power supply.

Controls and communication

Connecting Hydro MPC to a computer via a bus system lets you monitor and control your booster system from a distance. This makes it easy to monitor performance and optimise system settings wherever you are. The Hydro MPC booster set is compatible with all major communication systems.

Turnkey efficiency

All Grundfos booster systems feature the state of the art EI2 pumps as standard, which guarantees high efficiency and extremely low noise levels. Furthermore, our systems are turnkey products – any system is ready to go as soon as the installer has connected it to water and electricity.

Pump hygiene

Grundfos leads the way in hygienically designed booster systems. The Grundfos stainless steel manifolds protect against corrosion, and all surfaces, connections and corners are completely smooth, rounded and without cracks. This prevents dead corners and provides the best possible conditions for pump system hygiene control.

Download the white paper on water supply in tall buildings


When choosing booster solutions, focus is often on initial costs. But including the hidden costs in the Life Cycle Cost analysis can change the picture completely.

Download this white paper and get knowledge about which aspects to consider when designing booster systems in tall buildings.



We offer a complete range of pumping solutions for all pressure boosting applications. Click the link below
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product guide.


Visit the product guide for pressure boosting



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CRE - Intelligent Efficiency



Grundfos Blueflux – High efficiency motor technology



How intelligent is your building?

A complete, printable overview of  Grundfos’ intelligent pump solutions and applications within Commercial buildings.


A complete, printable overview of Grundfos’ intelligent pump solutions and applications within Commercial buildings.


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Grundfos ecademy

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