Pressurised pumping stations

Pressurised pumping stations

Pressurised pumping stations are small pumping stations. They are typically used in applications where, from an economic perspective, it is an advantage to lay small-diameter (40-50 mm) pipes or hoses between the pressurised pumping station and the main discharge line, manhole or network pumping station. In such systems, is it necessary to use pumps with a high head of pressure and low flow as the wastewater does not flow by gravity.

The main design criteria for a well-functioning pipe system is a velocity of min. 1 m/sec. to ensure a self-cleaning pipe system.

Due to the small pipe diameter, is it necessary to use grinder pumps to avoid clogging in the system.

Pressurised pumping stations are typically installed on private properties where they are used with a collecting tank for grey and black household wastewater. In many cases, pressurised pumping stations are equipped with only one pump but may have two pumps if the station is used for two or more households, on farms or on light industrial premises.

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