Grundfos organizes iSOLUTIONS seminar for Fayoum Water & Waste Water Co.

January 10, 2019

Grundfos organizes i-Solution seminar for Fayoum Water & Waste Water Co.

To support a major programme of investment in Fayoum’s wastewater treatment infrastructure that will see a third of the governorate’s 3 million residents gaining access to sanitation services for the first time, Grundfos Egypt has hosted a special engineering event with top managers and directors of Fayoum Water & Waste Water Company to discuss the latest advances in pumping equipment and technology.

The event, which took place on 19th December at Grundfos Egypt’s new Pyramids Lounge in Cairo, was attended by a select group of 10 engineers and managers including Fayoum’s Technical Support Director, Consultant Engineer and the Manager of the company’s Qohafa Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Discussions centred around Grundfos’ latest iSOLUTIONS developments with an emphasis on the company’s world-leading wastewater pumps range for applications throughout Faroum’s rapidly growing wastewater handling network, which is currently being expanded to include 8 new and 19 upgraded treatment plants and 139 new pumping stations.

In addition to the new groundbreaking ‘intelligent’ systems that bring together pumps, drives, controls and communication units for optimum efficiency and energy saving, the group were particularly interested in innovations and developments in mixing and aeration technology, including Grundfos’ range of Aerojets, which are used to improve aeration, increase oxygen supply and avoid odours in the biological treatment processes.

The day proved so successful that Fayoum’s Managing Director and CEO has shown keen interest to arrange a second follow-up event focusing on Servicing and
Maintenance of the new and existing pump systems. This is now being organised by the Grundfos service team and will take place in near future.