Grundfos takes initiative on bromate challenge

December 06, 2017


Grundfos takes initiative on bromate challenge

As a world leader in pump technology and expert in the field of water treatment,
Grundfos hosted a high-level forum in Riyadh, KSA, to address one of Saudi
Arabia’s most pressing health issues – how to effectively prevent harmful bromates
from the Kingdom’s desalinated water supply.

Bromates are the result of degradation of bromines found in sea water, and are known to be present in high concentrations in desalinated water treated with traditional chlorination. Bromates are suspected to be harmful to health and carcinogenic and therefore World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines are limiting bromates to less than 10 mg/L in water supply. Certain initiatives in the region, have found measured bromate levels in desalinated water supply regularly above the WHO guidelines and local regulations, often 10 times or even more.  

The Bromate forum brought together top water treatment specialists from consulting firms, industries and authorities to discuss the issues surrounding current water disinfection systems and examine recent technologies that more effective in reducing bromate levels, more environmental friendly and more cost-effective.

After a detailed explanation of the implication of Bromates in new desalination technologies such as Reverse Osmosis from renowned desalination expert, Dr. Corrado Sommariva, managing director of ILF Consulting Engineers Middle East and Head of the company’s worldwide desalination practice, attendees received an overview of the causes and effects of the bromates from Carlos Demmerle, a Process Engineering lecturer at the Universities of Mannheim and Stuttgart with more than 25 years’ experience in water treatment.

As part of the interactive session and knowledge exchange in this bromate forum, certain solutions reducing bromate levels have been discussed, but the only cost-effective solution to this problem is Chlorine Dioxide as disinfectant instead of traditional chlorination. Grundfos as a pioneer in Chlorine Dioxide offers a patented submerged Chlorine Dioxide technology, resulting in best-class efficiency with lowest chemical consumption and highest safety standards as the reactor of Chlorine Dioxide is submerged under water. Several Grundfos Chlorine Dioxide installations all over the Middle East including the Kingdom are proofing a virtually free-bromate water supply, future compliance to even more stringent regulations and significant cost savings due to best efficiency in class. 

After the forum, Grundfos hosted a closed panel discussion with consultant engineers, government authorities, Grundfos water treatment experts and press representatives to discuss increasing the awareness of bromates in the water supply and how current reductions in allowable bromate limits will affect Saudi Vision 2030. As already visible, KSA has started initial activities to ensure bromate-free water supply infrastructure. Anyhow the awareness for the bromate issue is still limited and therefore it was appreciated to host such kind of forum ensuring an early collaboration between suppliers, consultants and end users to develop new projects and technologies, essential to meet the region’s ongoing and rapidly growing thirst for safe, fresh drinking water.